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東京産の原料 、東京の水を使用し、





Modern bag made by Japanese Paper

Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese Paper Bag !!
Made from Water and Materials from Tokyo
“Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese Paper Bag” Is a Bag Made with Traditional Techniques from Japanese Paper.

Our bags are handmade and one-of-a-kind.
We deliver a bag with original style which looks better over time;
light, sturdy and comfortable.

What is Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese Paper?
Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese Paper is an original paper blend that only we can provide.
It is handmade by artisans living in Tokyo using traditional techniques.
It is made from materials and water in Tokyo,
mixed with paper fortunes used at shrines and temples in Tokyo.

350 years ago, recycling projects were promoted in Japan,
mainly in Asakusa, Tokyo. One of the recycled Japanese paper created
there was called “Asakusa Paper”.It was a big industry in those days.

Unfortunately, however, “Asakusa Paper” came to an end 80 years ago.

“Asakusa Paper” has been restored as “Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese Paper”
with the techniques and sensibilities of Japanese paper artisans.

This is a new Japanese paper product that matches our 21st century lifestyles.
The characteristics of Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese Paper is “Japanese modern” which fits our modern lives,
but also carrying on traditions and history valued
since the Edo Period including
the Japanese concept of “mottainai” (don’t waste what is valuable).

Light Weight
The bag weighs approximately 170g.
The material Japanese paper is extremely light and remains so even if many layers of Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese Paper are glued together as a bag. Great for your daily use, and as gifts to maternal and senior ladies because of its ease of use and lightness.

Based on interlining of Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese Paper with long and strong fibers specially produced for bags, the bag is reinforced with a light and sturdy bamboo basket.

With a few sheets of Japanese paper glued together to the basket, our bag is designed to withstand shocks from the outside.
It protects items inside the bag.

For the interlining of the tote bag, a rice storage bag is used. The bag is made from paper but is well suited for heavy items. The method of pasting a few sheets of Japanese paper to a basket or rice bag is called “Ikkanbari”, and it has been used in traditional crafts in Japan.

Water Resistant
The bags can be used for many years if they are wiped off with a soft towel or tissue and dried in the case of getting wet in the rain and so on.

They do not break since a natural dye, kakishibu (persimmon tannin), is used inside the bag that has a waterproofing effect. Kakishibu is made from 100% organic materials.

Kakishibu is an odorless dye from which any impurities have been removed. It has the effect of repelling insects, resists bacteria, is antiseptic, and deodorizes.

Safe and Secure
Adhesive & Paint:
All bags are eco-friendly products made without harmful materials.
This protects health of not only consumers, but also the artisans of the product.

Japanese Modern Design
The core design concept is Japanese Modern. Each bag has been designed to be one of a kind. All bags are for everyday use and match any style of fashion. One of the great features of Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese Paper bags is a piece of paper fortune (“Good”, “Excellent”) is kneaded into the Japanese paper.
They are created with wishes for good fortune for you.

Casual Tote Bag
Based on brown color by kakishibu (persimmon tannin).
And as a one-point design is a limited bag with Heisei ASAKUSA Japanese paper.

Big enough for a wallet, key purse, and your phone. Ideal for going out.

Because of handmade, there are variation in size and weight

© 東京和紙